About Us

Double Barrel BBQ, like a double barrel shotgun, is a concentrated effort.  An effort born of love and necessity.  A love of BBQ and the necessity to make a living!  Double Barrel BBQ is real southern style pit BBQ.  We dry rub our meats with our own spice blend, and then slow smoke them over oak and fruit woods.  Our homemade sauces are served on the side.  All of our sauces, seasonings, and dressings are made from scratch using recipes that have taken years to develop.  Officially launched on August 1st, 2002, with no customers, no capital and virtually no equipment.  Double Barrel BBQ is an example of improvise, adapt, and overcome.  We built a concession stand from old city library furniture and a BBQ pit from 55 gallon drums.

Christ the King Community Church in Mount Vernon provided a commissary kitchen and Double Barrel hit the street.  We sold BBQ roadside under a tent while catering for local clients.  We moved into our first permanent location at 320 N Burlington Blvd. on August 15th 2003 and opened our doors on the 19th.

We operated the little restaurant in Burlington for almost 4 years until the fire on July 23 of 2007.  Unfortunately the building was lost, but our business continues to grow.

In January of 2009 I married the love of my life and Double Barrel BBQ became a real family business.  Gretchen gives exceptional attention to detail, is a fabulous marketer, and a tremendous asset to the business.  I know you will appreciate her influence on our services.  Our focus is on catering, improvising, adapting and overcoming along the way. Thanks to our customers – YOU make it all happen!

~Jim and Gretchen Lee